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8) Looking back at your prelim film, what do you feel you have learnt in the proggresion from it to the full product

From our prelim film we have learnt alot it was good preparation for our final film. Our film knockout had a few mistakes and missed some vital close which could have made it alot better.
Here we should have did a close up because you cant really see my facial expression. We learnt this and showed it by doing close ups on my face in our final film
This is the close up in our final film. we did this so you can see my facial expression so you know what kind of mood im in.
We have learnt that when you cut and continue everyone should get in the same position that they were in before the cut or it would look a bit silly. In our film knockout we didnt do this.
Before cut                                                                after cut
We also learned that different shots can set different mood for a character for example long shot on a person could show hat the person is lonely isolated from everyone and can also shows mentalness. Close ups can show how the person is feeling our longshot.
This show he is lonely and looks quite normal from that distance but as you get closer you see what he is really doing
This is the close up of the book that he is holding within the newspaper. This shows he is up to no good

Overall our film came out quite good all the camera angles worked together to show what is going on so the audience shouldnt be confused by what is going on. This has been a great experience shared with a great group YEAH 

7)what have you learnt about the technologies from the process of constructing this point

The technology involved in this whole process has been amazing. Ive learnt how to use cameras and how to place it onto the stand

We used the internet website blogger to upload all our work on an give regular updates about how we were getting on. To make our blogger visually beautiful we uploaded pics and wrote in a fun ways
To put all our clips together so it flows nicely we used final cut pro we also used it to add captions and edits. To make the tracks that go with the opener we used soundtrack pro which is a professional music programme.

8) Looking back at your priliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

I think that we learned a lot from our prelim film which was Knock Out. We made several mistakes in knock out but this helped us to learn from our mistakes and make our opening thriller much better.
The first mistake we made was having the tripod in the back ground which was very unprofessional and amateur like. 

As you can see in the background you can clearly see the tripod.

Also in the last scene it was one of the biggest mistake we made was seeing peter in the background on the computer which shows how unorganized we were and how unrealistic this scene was.  He was not meant to be shown in this scene because he was knocked out on the floor. we didn't realise this
 mistake until we re watched the prelim.

Peter on the floor when he was knocked out.
as you can see peter is on the computer when he was meant to be on the floor.

We did not have any close up shots of each characters reaction so therefore in our thriller opening we made sure that we had many close up shots. 

We made sure that our lighting was brighter for our audience as in knock out the quality and lighting was very poor. we could not see much.
scene from obsessed
scene from Obseesed

Knock out
Knock out
You can see a big difference from the two films. You can hardly see anything from knock out

Over all there wasn't nothing else to improve from the prelim film. I think we improved our camera skills the most because we kept the camera steady and did a variety a camera shots whereas in the prelim film there was limited of shots it was mostly over the shoulder shots. 

Question 7) What have you learned about the technologies from the process of costructing this product

7) What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

We used the internet to blog about our media product e.g planning, evaluation, and posting pictures. it was very useful because it was like a online diary but it wasn't peronal it just helped us plan our opening thriller. We were able to put pictures and film clips up of our film.

To record our opening thriller we used a profession JVC camcorder.  The camera was easy to use there was nothing difficult bout it other than putting it on the tripod. IT WAS SO ANNOYING. The quality of the camera was very good and was easy to film different shots.  we used a tripod to make each scene steady and not shaky. It was useful as we were able to change the height of it and we were able to move it about e.g panning up to Reece face. we used a memory card to save our filming on to so then we can put it into a usb stick and upload it onto the computer then saved in to our hard drive.

To edit our film we used final cut pro which was very handy when editing our film. We were able to remove sound from our film, shorten the length of a scene, add effects etc. without this program we wouldn't of been able to do the scene where Reece is attacking Claire because we needed this scene to be really fast and choppy. here is a tutorial of a video on youtube of how to use final cut pro. I learned   many skills from using final cut pro. i learned how to export and import our film into each program which was very difficult as first but i got use to it.


To put music on our opening sequence we used soundtrack pro where we was able to make our own music as we were not allowed to use the music of our choice as they were copyright. it was quite easy to use when you get the hang of it but i was mostly confused of what to do.  there was a variety of instruments we could pick from to make our sounds such as violin, piano etc.

For our titles we used live type. I was mostly doing the titles for our opening sequence and i found this program the easiest to use. there were many fonts to choose from. I was able to change the effects of it such as text size and style. 

With out technology we would not been able to make our opening sequence. It would of been an unsuccessful film with out technology as we were able to edit and sounds and effect.

What do you feel you have learnt in the progression from the preliminary task?

Since the Preliminary task our group really stepped up our game in making an effort to make the film as professional a quality as possible, we wanted to create a fully watchable piece of film that was not only interesting but didn't include any of the mistakes we had in the prelim. We worked really well on this and none of them featured, such as...

In our Prelim, the pan up of Reece's body was done by hand so appears shaky and looked really unprofessional.

In our final project Obsessed the camera was on a tripod and when we  panned up it looked smooth and professional.

In our prelim film the lighting was not very good so the shots appeared dark and didn't have a good quality to them.

In our final film however we assured the lighting was of a good quality throughout to keep the film sharp and avoid a grainy picture quality.
In our prelim the tripod was left in the background.

In our prelim other mistakes were made such as actor's being in places they shouldn't be..

Thankfully in the real thing we kept anything that was not supposed to be in our misce en scene out of the way throughout and were careful to keep our shots light and clear for the audience. Our variety of camera angels also increased drastically through time and we included a real contrast of shots in our final edit of our thriller Obsessed.

1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Every film has a ident because it gives the audience an idea on what genre the film would be. It announces to the audience what type of film it would be.
These two are our ident Sinister production would make people think straight away that this will be a murderous film.

This is the warnerbros ident when you see this you know straight away that its gonna be a humorous film

The titles are all in order of the importance as it is in most films. We introduce the main characters of the film. In our film we dont introduce the location because we focused on introducing the characters.
By watching the opening you will know that this is a psychological thriller because of what is shown throughout the opening
The audience would be settled while watching the opening because even though you see all the madness in the middle it mellows out at the end

2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our Film Obsessed can represent the social stereotype of women because when people see women by themselves they are vulnerable. this pic can be compared to the picture in psycho when the women is by herself

 The male character in our group represents mad people because he has a book full of people that he wants to kill and has kill.

This is my pic compared to the one on shining of the close up of a crazy smile

Question 4&5) What kind of media institution might distribute your meda product and why? How will you attract/ address your audience

Since our film was very low budget we could only upload our video on vimeo embedded on a blog.

However there may be light at the end of the tunnel! :)    if our movie proves to be successful and very much liked.. then our video could be a success on youtube where it can reach a global audience..

 On youtube, you can be viewed by anyone. from what i have seen people give both positive and negative feedback which is crucial to improving anything :)

The internet is the most easiest way to get recognised. Through social networking, these days many people have facebook, myspace, twitter ect. So this would be a really efficient way to be seen.

Question 2) How does your media product represent particular social groups

These still images are from 'Obsessed' the thriller (blonde woman) and My thriller opening (smart dressed guy). Both of these two characters are the 'bad guys', with freakish obsessions to chase other peoples partners. The clothes they are dressed in portrays that they are completely normal, they are dress very smart and professional.. on the exterior! So theres more to people than meets the eye.. Who can you trust? So in that sense these two characters are similar..they appear normal on the outside but there messed up on the inside :/ however the obvious difference is there gender and the fact that this guy was a serial murderer and rapist and this woman was merely obssessed with someone   compared to him! but there both mentally disturbed still.

Question 3) Who would be the audience for your media product

Our target audience is directly aimed at teenagers 18 and above as we felt that the content will be too inappropriate for young teens. This thriller will grab the attention of thriller lovers from everywhere :D
We have included psychological, murderous and and sexual references. The reason it will be unsuitable for young teens is the fact that some of the scenes may be a bit disturbing :/

For people that have watched Se7en, Obsessed and The Shining.. they would really enjoy this movie as we have taken many inter-textual references from this.

4&5) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

Our film is a low budget video which will be released over the internet on vimeo embedded onto a blog.
If we are lucky enough it may even find its way on to youtube which means that can reach a global audience.  I have seen on youtube where some opening thrillers have had a lot of views and positive comments.

The internet can help distribute our media product by using social networking sites to help promote and gain a wider audience. Our target audience is mainly aimed at teenagers who are between 16-18 years old. Social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, myspace and tumblr can help to launch this film as teenagers mainly dominate social networking sites. We can just upload our film on to the site and we will be able to get their opinions and feed back.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

4&5) what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience

I think that social networks like facebook and twitter would be great at advertising our media product because these days everyone is on a social work from twitter all the way to bebo. Social networks would be good at distributing our product because first of all it would be free and easy for us to upload our video and create a big buzz about it to attract people to watch it. I would attract an audience by telling people to watch it because it is an amazing opening we have created considering that it didn't cost us any money to do.