Friday, 28 January 2011

Jelly baby film.

In class we created a short film using stop motion animation about four jelly babies, we used a variety of camera shots to try and make it interesting, along side moving the jelly baby about 1 inch at a time so when put together the film looked relatively like it was moving. 

Some of the camera shots we used were very effective, such as an Ultra low angle shot of Reece standing in the doorway, giving the perspective of the jelly babies, and making Reece look particularly menacing.

We then had a shot from the squished Jelly baby's perspective, just before it was stepped on by putting the camera underneath the soul of Reece's shoe as he raised his leg. 

The sound on  our clip really didn't go well, the first part was there to reinforce the idea of a happy group of jelly babies all having a good time, but when we edited the sound we accidentally repeated the track, however we were told it wouldn't have sound when we uploaded it anyway, but it really does, so I think the film is far better without sound...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Title sequence which inpires me

I would say SE7VEN title sequence has inspired me the most because there were disturbing and chilling images with eerie sound effects in the background to make it more unsettling. There was a man using a razor blade to slice his skin off which made my stomache churn. The slow pace addded more effect to the opening and it sets a uncomfortable and dark aura to be in.

What interests you about intertextuality in film

Intertextuality is a term to describe when films borrow from each other such as mise en scene, camera angles, sound or editing. You may recognise these technical areas in a certain film which has been used before from another film. The director can be influenced or inspired by another directors work so there fore they may use a certain scenes for their film.

The film Psycho was a very popular film for its famous shower scene where the main leading actress was murdered in the bath tub by being stabbed mutiple times. You can see from many other thriller films have borrowed some elments from Psycho to use in thier films. The Step Father used a knife to kill his victim in the bathroom just like Psycho and when the bath cutains was dragged down it made the audience think back to Psycho. Another film is What Lies Beneath has similar aspects such as the women lying in the bath tub while the water is running.

Jaws Trailer

Jaws is a thriller film which was release in 1975. The trailer for Jaws was very successful in my opinion as it made me feel very scared and panicky. It was able to make me feel this way by the clever camera shot for example the director uses a point of view shot of a shark but i did not know it was a shark so therefore it made it more mysterious. The director shot this scene at the begininging of the trailer to let the audience look through the eyes of a shark. It makes the audience have an adrenaline rush. The sound added more effect to the trailer because as the shark is moving in the deep sea the eerie music gradually gets louder which made my heart beat faster and it made me wanted to watch the film.

Practice Jelly Babies Film.

We made this in our media lesson today

title sequence

In class we were shown the title sequence of the panic room i chose to write about the panic room because it inspired me the most compared to the others shown in class

The shining

In the shining suspense is used in alot of scene with great effect. In shining suspense is gained mainly through the sound they use for example in the scene the little is riding his bike in the hallway sound and camera angle really escalates the tension
In this scene we follow the boy from behind and were at the same level as him which make him seem more vulnerable.


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Suspense - How is suspense created in 'The Shining' : Analyse 3 scenes in detail.

Intertextuality - What interests you about intertextuality in film.

Intertextuality in film ..
               " is the making up of one texts meaning by other texts. Like an authour borrowing and transforming a prior text to make there own therefore is used to describe the visual referencing between films/.Very, literally films borrow aspects of scenes from eachother which you can recognise"

Intertexuality interests me as when it is used in films it is so subtle you almost cannot realise. i especially enjoy Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho shower scene and the way it is used in many films such as; What Lies Beneath, Fatal Attractions, The Stepfather. This scene obviously inspired many directors to use references of the secene in their own films and make it their own. The scene has a unique feel to it is soo creepy and the perfect setting to place a brutal murder, no wonder the audience cant peel their eyes off.


 Basically there are 2 different types of font:
  • Serif Fonts - such as Times and Courier. Serif Fonts are generally more traditional 
  • Sans Serif Fonts - such as Ariel and Comic Sans. Sans Serif are more informal and modern

The film Pearl Harbour uses an original font called Palatino which is very classical which suggests the film is not modernised and that it has an oldern feel to it. Its a film that wants to take you back in time.  The title Pearl Harbor is written in bold capital letters to show the strength of Pearl Harbor.

The film Rocky which is about a boxer uses the font Franklin Gothic Heavy, which is a Sans serif font, the font is black and bold which reflects Rockys bravery and masculinity in the film.

Thriller sub-genres. Which inspires you at the moment and why?

Thriller sub genres
Thriller films can vary, there are many different types:     
                  Some of the genres are ...

  • Psychological Thriller Eg The Shining
  • Supernatural Thriller Eg Signs
  • Action Thriller Eg Taking of Pelham 123
  • Political Thriller Eg The Firm
  • Murder Thriller
  • Sci Fi Thriller 
  • Western Thrillers
The Sub Genre that i really enjoy and inspires me at the moment is Action Thrillers because unlike Psychological Thrillers it does not play with your mind but still has you on the edge of your seat. Thrillers filled with action keep a movie going and the audience constantly entertained. To make any movie successful you need to keep the tension building and the suspense rising. An action movie which i watched the Takin Of Pelham 123 does that exactly.  The Taking of Pelham 123 effortlessly captured this mood of anxiety and dread.

Friday, 21 January 2011

'Watching' Documentary on Film Openings

  'Watching' Documentary
What Thomas Sutcliffe means when he says " Films need to seduce their audience into long term commitment. While there are many types of seduction, the temptation to go for instant arousal is almost irresistible" is the flirtation between the director and the audience, the director needs to make the beginning interesting enough to keep the audience watching. by giving enough information about the film but not too much to give it away. 'Instant arousal' will grab the viewers attention long enough to keep them into a 'long term commitment'. however Director Jaques Beineix feels that this has disadvantages and can be a huge risk as you have to carry out this standard throughout the rest of the film to keep the audience tuned in.
 " a good beginning must make the audience feel that it doesn't know nearly enough yet and at the same time make sure that it doesn't know too little" because this will keep the audience yearning for more as they feel they don't know enough and need to know more and if too much information is given away the rest of the film will be a disappointment as they would have expected much more, this is what Jaques Beineix means the standard from the beginning of the film has to be carried out to make a successful film.

'Watching' Documentary

Thomas Sutcliffe likens the introduction or title sequence to a film to a flirtation between the director and the audience, 'films need to seduce their audience into long term commitment. While there are many types of seduction, the temptation to go for instant arousal is almost irresistible' this is a notable point, an introduction should tantalise the audience, not release the whole story, otherwise by the time the film is over they will have forgotten the beauty behind the title sequence and simply remember being bored by a film they have already seen in the trailer. Director Jean Jacques Beineix believes this is dangerous as you must continue to this standard. 

A good beginning should intrigue the audience, however not give away all information, yet leave the audience gasping for more...
'A good beginning must make the audience feel that it doesn't know nearly enough yet, and at the same time make sure that it doesn't know too little' 

Film critic Stanley Kauffmann also described what he would consider the classic film opening, including an establishing shot (usually of New York) then a shot of a specific building, as the camera zooms upwards to a window, passes the receptionist and continues through to the office of the man who will be the hero of the film. This is not really going to work for a thriller, however establishing shots are often key in title sequences, such as in Soul Bass' North by North West. 

The documentary then talks about the title sequence to... Se7en, which I shall just write about briefly before you close the page and never look back, various critics in the documentary believed this title sequence gives many unclear hints as to what happens later in the film, and right away directs the audience's mind set to that of the film. This makes me want to watch it, but also puts me off a bit as the title sequence is quite creepy..

Orson Welles wanted to cut out the title sequence for his film 'A Touch Of Evil' however the studio placed music and credits over his film. Welles wanted to submerge the audience in to his film without giving them time to get in to a certain mindset for it. This would have been particularly effective, but the studio won, however they did receive a large memo from Welles advising them to change it. 

Martin Scorsese directed the film Casino, with the amazing title sequence, however the film actually started before this, but the start of the film was in fact the end, confusing in writing, beautiful on screenplay!

The documentary then analysed the Shining title sequence, however I have spoke soo much about this being effective already...


There are many different fonts available. 

The typography used in your film can greatly set the scene, attract a certain type of audience or tell you more about the characters involved... 

The film Pearl Harbour uses a classic font called Palatino... This suggests the film is not set in present day as it has and old feel to it. This also gives it a classic feel, and implies the class background of the characters. 

The film Rocky which is about a tough boxer uses the font Franklin Gothic Heavy, which is a Sans serif font, the font is block and bold which adds to the appearance of Rocky's masculinity in the film. 

Structure in Thriller Openings

In class this week I had a look at the various types of structures that are most often used in film title sequences, we spotted that there were three basic types:

- A narrative opening with titles runnings throughout, such as the Shining (with its tacky and bland font scrolling over the imagery), 
or Panic Room, (where the font is edgy, 3D and appears to be part of the setting, which I feel is far more effective than the Shining)

- A discrete title sequence, like the one used in 'Se7en', as I have already blogged about this one you will know how effective I think it is, the titles cut away to narrative and vice versa quickly to keep the audience occupied.

- Titles over a blank screen, followed by narrative. Such as in the film Donnie Darko, which really bored me and I don't think it would catch an audience's attention, however the film Dead Calm uses music with the volume gradually rising to keep the audience intrigued. 

(Image from 'Panic Room')

Thursday, 20 January 2011

A little more about editing the film...

One of the reasons our film did not work well in the end was the sound, we did not have time to place an audio file on the video and remove the background sound from it, I think this could make a big difference as to how the film was perceived by the audience, as we had story boarded in moments of tension which then included the music to slow down and a heart beat to be playing in the background, this would really build to create a climax out of a very boring card game, there was also a plan to put some slow motion editing in on various shots of the cards hitting the tables, however we agreed this was a little far fetched. 
I am off now, blogging is tiring work !!! 

Last week...

I learnt some classic camera mistakes by making a practice film, after learning key camera skills such as how to hook a camera up to a tripod, how to move it, and how much more effective it is to have people moving in and out of your shot, then moving the camera to get a different angle, than carrying it by hand and following the people.  
Classic camera mistakes made by my group:

  • Shaky camera shots...
  • Zooming in when we could have just stood closer to the group member's acting...
  • Including the tripod as an accidental prop :(  (this was in the background of what could have been a perfect low angle shot from the view point of the other card player.) 

We also edited the clips together to produce a decent enough film, 
we included some interesting angles, and with a little music and editing I think we could have a nice piece of work, I look forward to uploading this in a bit :) ! 

Inspiring Title sequence.

I really loved the title sequence for 'Se7en', the title sequence has a slow and disturbing start, the imagery was sickening however intriguing at the same time, I see a man's hand holding a razor blade and instantly squirm my eyes, but there is no brutality, just a man with a book, words are crossed out and pictures are examined, cut and placed, The fast pace is eye catching, I recognised the scratchy beat of Nine Inch Nails music instantly and it compliments the unsettling beginning. I don't like many title sequences however this one really made me want to watch the film!! 

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Definitions of Suspense.

Suspense is a state or condition of mental uncertainty or excitement, as in awaiting a decision or outcome, usually accompanied by a degree of apprehension or anxiety. Which therefore creates Visceral Effects which are physical actions for example trembling, on the edge of your seat, jumpy and heart beating ect.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Intertextuality - Psycho.

So about a week ago I had a look at the shower scene from the film Psycho, by Hitchcock. I then looked at several film samples, (all based heavily around bathrooms) which use the same themes as Hitchcock does, (for some it really did seem to be just the bathroom,)..

However one of the great things in Psycho is that the stabbing in the shower is filmed so cleverly, with little to no need for special effects other than pouring some red dye in to the shower water, this film is definitely inspiring when it comes to thrillers...

Friday, 7 January 2011

The Shining

I watched The Shining a few weeks ago, it is a psychological thriller

thriller sub genre

At this moment of time i am inspired by  action thriller because i think there interesting. They have alot of special effects and most of them have a good plot. I like action thriller like the expendables

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Suspense in: The Shining. (clip, and overview)

Is used greatly in the Shining and is in my opinion the best thing about the film, and what makes it stand out to me from other Thriller films.
The film is fairly slowly paced, with slow tension building, built up by the music in the background of the piece...

Here is a particularly good example, the lack of drama, combined with the sinister music leaves me holding my breath every time Jack turns a corner, at 0:33 seconds in to the clip the music slows and changes to a spooky pace when he is outside room 237. This creates tension in the viewer, who is then sat with their heart racing... for Jack to twist the door handle... And.... Nothing happens???

This is what is most effective about the film, the music throughout sends the viewer on a trip of suspense and nail biting, when really the 'horror' and thrilling moments are short, fast and ugly.

Such as the bath tub scene, the lead up to this scene is incredible, as you watch it your heart seems to synchronise with the beat from the film as the camera moves painfully slowly....
The woman's figure behind the curtain, but then a more relaxed atmosphere is created lulling half the viewers in to a false sense of security, however the music tells a different story as we realise this is not the time to breathe out and enjoy the film however the time to run away and hide...

I find this a great feature of the film, it plays little games on the audience's mind while we watch, terrified and engrossed, such as the last scene I will talk of, towards the end of the film and possibly in one of the most tense parts, the audience watch Wendy, armed with a knife run upstairs, the music is adding tension as it the sound of Wendy's heavy breath as she runs upstairs, she turns to look in to a room and the audience are given a peak at what she can see... Our minds wander to blood, killings and death. However when the camera zooms in, it is apparent there is a person in a bear/dog costume in bed with a man? This is so BIZZAR !!! & First started my belief that this film is not only about mental confusion but is designed to instigate this in a small dose as well, through suspense and trickery.

Lastly here is the link to the really weird scene, Enjoy !


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Thriller Sub-Genres

Thriller is a genre used in films which makes the audience feel tensed or excited after seeing a cliffhanger in the film. There are a variety of thriller sub genres which may include elements of other genres. 

Crime Thriller - Seven
Psychological Thriller - Panic room
Conspiracy Thriller - Awake
Supernatural Thriller - Lady in the Water

The Shining which comes under the psychological thriller category has inspired me the most at the moment. The characters where shown to be mentally unstable and emotional which made me feel creeped out so therefore it makes you feel more awake for the film. The camera movements has really inspired me especially when the camera is following Danny Torrance from behind him to build up tension. This is called a tracking shot with a steadicam. I also liked the sound in this scene when the wheel is on wooden flooring and is abruptly silent as it crosses over carpet this is very effective.It was one of my favorite scene in this film becasue it consists of all the thriller elements and it litterally made me veryy anxious!!

Thriller Sub Genres

There are many different types of Thriller, such as:
Action (this is one of the most common Thrillers, the main type, including films such as The Shining)
Western Thrillers, (such as high noon)
Sci-fi Thrillers (these are also films that I have seen many of, such as Alien) 
Crime Thrillers ( such as The French Connection)
& Film Noir Thrillers ( such as double indemnity) 
There are even a few Rom-Com Thrillers which I am interested in.