Friday, 28 January 2011

Jelly baby film.

In class we created a short film using stop motion animation about four jelly babies, we used a variety of camera shots to try and make it interesting, along side moving the jelly baby about 1 inch at a time so when put together the film looked relatively like it was moving. 

Some of the camera shots we used were very effective, such as an Ultra low angle shot of Reece standing in the doorway, giving the perspective of the jelly babies, and making Reece look particularly menacing.

We then had a shot from the squished Jelly baby's perspective, just before it was stepped on by putting the camera underneath the soul of Reece's shoe as he raised his leg. 

The sound on  our clip really didn't go well, the first part was there to reinforce the idea of a happy group of jelly babies all having a good time, but when we edited the sound we accidentally repeated the track, however we were told it wouldn't have sound when we uploaded it anyway, but it really does, so I think the film is far better without sound...

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