Thursday, 20 January 2011

Last week...

I learnt some classic camera mistakes by making a practice film, after learning key camera skills such as how to hook a camera up to a tripod, how to move it, and how much more effective it is to have people moving in and out of your shot, then moving the camera to get a different angle, than carrying it by hand and following the people.  
Classic camera mistakes made by my group:

  • Shaky camera shots...
  • Zooming in when we could have just stood closer to the group member's acting...
  • Including the tripod as an accidental prop :(  (this was in the background of what could have been a perfect low angle shot from the view point of the other card player.) 

We also edited the clips together to produce a decent enough film, 
we included some interesting angles, and with a little music and editing I think we could have a nice piece of work, I look forward to uploading this in a bit :) ! 

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