Friday, 21 January 2011

Structure in Thriller Openings

In class this week I had a look at the various types of structures that are most often used in film title sequences, we spotted that there were three basic types:

- A narrative opening with titles runnings throughout, such as the Shining (with its tacky and bland font scrolling over the imagery), 
or Panic Room, (where the font is edgy, 3D and appears to be part of the setting, which I feel is far more effective than the Shining)

- A discrete title sequence, like the one used in 'Se7en', as I have already blogged about this one you will know how effective I think it is, the titles cut away to narrative and vice versa quickly to keep the audience occupied.

- Titles over a blank screen, followed by narrative. Such as in the film Donnie Darko, which really bored me and I don't think it would catch an audience's attention, however the film Dead Calm uses music with the volume gradually rising to keep the audience intrigued. 

(Image from 'Panic Room')

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