Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thriller sub-genres. Which inspires you at the moment and why?

Thriller sub genres
Thriller films can vary, there are many different types:     
                  Some of the genres are ...

  • Psychological Thriller Eg The Shining
  • Supernatural Thriller Eg Signs
  • Action Thriller Eg Taking of Pelham 123
  • Political Thriller Eg The Firm
  • Murder Thriller
  • Sci Fi Thriller 
  • Western Thrillers
The Sub Genre that i really enjoy and inspires me at the moment is Action Thrillers because unlike Psychological Thrillers it does not play with your mind but still has you on the edge of your seat. Thrillers filled with action keep a movie going and the audience constantly entertained. To make any movie successful you need to keep the tension building and the suspense rising. An action movie which i watched the Takin Of Pelham 123 does that exactly.  The Taking of Pelham 123 effortlessly captured this mood of anxiety and dread.

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