Tuesday, 15 February 2011


When planning our title sequence opening we had to take in to account the setting as our first point of structure,
We wanted somewhere people often walk by, which would not be unusual for anybody to be sat by, however we also wanted somewhere a little eerie, say not a park in broad daylight, therefore we have chosen a lock.
With so many trees there it already looks a little creepy, and the stairs we plan to use heavily in our title sequence are made of dark harsh metal and really set the tone of something being not quite right.
There are several benches within view from the stairs making the spot perfect for our filming to take place. There was also a man sat there making the spot fit our criteria of wanting somewhere that was not abnormal to walk through or sit at.

The stairs for our first piece of filming..

The lock where we will film (benches :))

Live Type and Sound

(Must get shots from this, don't have it on laptop at home) 

During the editing of our prelim film we got firsthand experience in using the editing software, LiveType and Soundtrack, this was quite difficult to use at first as there are many tricky steps involved such as exporting and importing the files, as well as using a programme we had never used before... Here are some shots of what our work looks like on these programmes as we attempt to better our film.

[various pictures]

The prelim exercise was really helpful with this, we discovered a large range of sound effects on soundtrack pro which will really help to create a dramatic and thrilling title sequence for our final piece. '
We also learnt all the basics of Live Type and agreed that not many of the 'live fonts' there were suitable for thrillers. 
In all I feel a lot more confident and excited for our final outcome as we know how to use editing effects to maximise the good qualities in the film. 

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fonts Analysis

Fonts can be used in a very effective way in a film even though it may not seem that way. Different fonts set different moods. For example
This font makes the audience know straight away that this will be a scary disturbing film as it is.

This font give you the idea that this would be an adventurous film.

Knock Out

Over the last few lessons we have been filming a short clip which we called Knock out. It helped us learn new skills such as the 180 degree rule, different camera angle shots,  editing and putting sound on the film. Our short film was successful because we didn't break the 180 degree rule but we didnt have a lot of close up shot which was a shame.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Jelly Babies

Our very first activity with cameras didnt invovle people it involved JELLY BABIES. Im very proud of what me and my beautiful group produced. We were told to use a camera to take picture of the jelly babies and make sure the story flows clearly and understandingly (is that a word). We somehow managed to do very good camera shots of the jelly babies making them look very innocent and until the devilish guy steps into the frame and a low angle shot is taken of him making him look like a beast compared to the jelly babies. Watch and enjoy our jelly baby death and try not to cry if you can

Inspirational title sequence

Im inspired of Dexters title sequence because it shows a casual morning routine it is simple but very effective. The camera shots are very good and it constantly changes from slow motion to normal paced action.
Watch it ENJOY!
At the start there is a close up of the mosquito sucking someone blood you strangly feel an emotional connection with it because it may seem sinister to us but they need it to survive. Then there was a long shot of the mosquito which makes it look alot small alot more vulnerable and if you look carefully you can see the man at the back watching the mosquito feed on his blood. Then he kills it. SORRY MATE.

This title sequence gives you a brief understanding of what dexter is about but not alot it shows alot of blood so you know that he is a stone cold killer. And at the start when he was watching the mosquito without it knowing make us the audience think that he is very hidden in his killing. This title sequence is very inspirational and it would be very helpful in my title title sequence as i might have to copy a few tings keep that between you and me yeah

introduction to camera skill

Today in class we were taugth the key skill in learning how to use a video camera. Which would be very helpful in our final thriller opening
The teacher taught use key point about the camera
  • How to insert the battery and memory card in the proper way
  • We were taught key buttons that would help use the camera appropriately for example the power switch, record button and the zoom button
  • The teacher told us that we should never in no circumstance film in the rain. We should try to never allow water to get onto the camera or it could lead to damage which we would have to pay for. (very expensive)
  • And we should always make sure the camera is focused so that the picture dont look fuzzy.
The teacher also gave us a tripod so that we could rest the camera on it to get good camera shots and the camera would always be steady on the tripod. We were taught how to put the camera on it so that it wont fall of.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Who would watch a Thriller?

Young children?
Young adults?
The elderly?

Thrillers fortunately most posses the ability to appeal to both genders, especially as there is a diverse range of thriller sub genres (which I talked about in my second post), these do tend to fit towards certain genders though, however all have more appeal to women than a horror film would, as a thriller does not tend to contain the same blood and guts.
This then leads to the Romantic Comedy Thriller,
which is in few ways a comedy, however starts off as if so, a couple somewhere with desirable lives which then get ruined by a character or group of people
(Such as The Stepfather)...

Only 4% of the year's box office were Thrillers in 2009 and 31 were made, the title of a thriller is very important, due to the audience it will attract, the most popular thriller of 2009 was 'Angles and Demons' with its gender neutral name which appeals to males and females alike it had high potential to gain full support of Thriller lovers everywhere.

We are trying to create a thriller with both male and female support, so a bit of violence, and an interesting plot line is crucial. 

Evaluation of Prelim Film - Knock Out.

 Knock Out Evaluation

 In our group we have been producing a short film as practice for our final film. In the very beginning we started planning out our scenes, we were inspired by what happens in everyday life and decided to put it together in a short film. 
            We started by filming all our shots (i did the filming) , deciding which ones to keep then uploaded them on to final cut pro. Filming didn't take up much time therefore we started editing our film very quickly. Editing was much harder than filming as the software, i found was difficult to use, although you soon get used to it. At first we used Live Type to put in the credits and titles after that was done which also wasn't time consuming, we started adding sound effects on Sound track pro.. I would say this was quite hard as it was extremely difficult to match the perfect sound to meet the criteria we aimed for, for each scene. We also added transitions for the final finishing touches. The film is now ready and uploaded on my blog, please watch and enjoy (:

Knock Out video.

Practice film - Knock out.

In class we have been working on a short film we developed called knock out, we filmed this and are currently in the process of editing, we used live type to create a short title sequence over the film, and are currently adding sound effects,
so far we have added a punching sound and the sound of a chair being hit, because we had to edit out the sound for this clip due to background noise,
Aligning the sound with the exact time was quite difficult however with preservation we managed to create a good effect. 
We are now adding music effects to create tension and give the appearance of characters being sinister...
Hopefully we will finish it soon and it can be uploaded, finding a background track is fairly difficult due to the intense natures of some of our scenes.

When watching our film we noticed several key faults, the biggest being that our main character who was supposed to be on the floor knocked out was sat at a computer and AGAIN we left the tripod in the background, 
Our film could have benefitted from some close ups to add expression and emotions to the film, the lack of them leaves the audience wondering about the characters without having a deep incite in to the way that they feel, with the use of close ups we would be able to give the audience a connection to the characters.

In all I think our film has been successful, while creating this we also mastered the editing programmes which we were having problems with before. I am quite excited for creating our final piece now, but this exercise has shown this process will be really time consuming, but worth it in the end!!