Friday, 4 February 2011

Evaluation of Prelim Film - Knock Out.

 Knock Out Evaluation

 In our group we have been producing a short film as practice for our final film. In the very beginning we started planning out our scenes, we were inspired by what happens in everyday life and decided to put it together in a short film. 
            We started by filming all our shots (i did the filming) , deciding which ones to keep then uploaded them on to final cut pro. Filming didn't take up much time therefore we started editing our film very quickly. Editing was much harder than filming as the software, i found was difficult to use, although you soon get used to it. At first we used Live Type to put in the credits and titles after that was done which also wasn't time consuming, we started adding sound effects on Sound track pro.. I would say this was quite hard as it was extremely difficult to match the perfect sound to meet the criteria we aimed for, for each scene. We also added transitions for the final finishing touches. The film is now ready and uploaded on my blog, please watch and enjoy (:

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