Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Inspirational title sequence

Im inspired of Dexters title sequence because it shows a casual morning routine it is simple but very effective. The camera shots are very good and it constantly changes from slow motion to normal paced action.
Watch it ENJOY!
At the start there is a close up of the mosquito sucking someone blood you strangly feel an emotional connection with it because it may seem sinister to us but they need it to survive. Then there was a long shot of the mosquito which makes it look alot small alot more vulnerable and if you look carefully you can see the man at the back watching the mosquito feed on his blood. Then he kills it. SORRY MATE.

This title sequence gives you a brief understanding of what dexter is about but not alot it shows alot of blood so you know that he is a stone cold killer. And at the start when he was watching the mosquito without it knowing make us the audience think that he is very hidden in his killing. This title sequence is very inspirational and it would be very helpful in my title title sequence as i might have to copy a few tings keep that between you and me yeah

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