Tuesday, 8 February 2011

introduction to camera skill

Today in class we were taugth the key skill in learning how to use a video camera. Which would be very helpful in our final thriller opening
The teacher taught use key point about the camera
  • How to insert the battery and memory card in the proper way
  • We were taught key buttons that would help use the camera appropriately for example the power switch, record button and the zoom button
  • The teacher told us that we should never in no circumstance film in the rain. We should try to never allow water to get onto the camera or it could lead to damage which we would have to pay for. (very expensive)
  • And we should always make sure the camera is focused so that the picture dont look fuzzy.
The teacher also gave us a tripod so that we could rest the camera on it to get good camera shots and the camera would always be steady on the tripod. We were taught how to put the camera on it so that it wont fall of.

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