Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Live Type and Sound

(Must get shots from this, don't have it on laptop at home) 

During the editing of our prelim film we got firsthand experience in using the editing software, LiveType and Soundtrack, this was quite difficult to use at first as there are many tricky steps involved such as exporting and importing the files, as well as using a programme we had never used before... Here are some shots of what our work looks like on these programmes as we attempt to better our film.

[various pictures]

The prelim exercise was really helpful with this, we discovered a large range of sound effects on soundtrack pro which will really help to create a dramatic and thrilling title sequence for our final piece. '
We also learnt all the basics of Live Type and agreed that not many of the 'live fonts' there were suitable for thrillers. 
In all I feel a lot more confident and excited for our final outcome as we know how to use editing effects to maximise the good qualities in the film. 

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