Friday, 4 February 2011

Practice film - Knock out.

In class we have been working on a short film we developed called knock out, we filmed this and are currently in the process of editing, we used live type to create a short title sequence over the film, and are currently adding sound effects,
so far we have added a punching sound and the sound of a chair being hit, because we had to edit out the sound for this clip due to background noise,
Aligning the sound with the exact time was quite difficult however with preservation we managed to create a good effect. 
We are now adding music effects to create tension and give the appearance of characters being sinister...
Hopefully we will finish it soon and it can be uploaded, finding a background track is fairly difficult due to the intense natures of some of our scenes.

When watching our film we noticed several key faults, the biggest being that our main character who was supposed to be on the floor knocked out was sat at a computer and AGAIN we left the tripod in the background, 
Our film could have benefitted from some close ups to add expression and emotions to the film, the lack of them leaves the audience wondering about the characters without having a deep incite in to the way that they feel, with the use of close ups we would be able to give the audience a connection to the characters.

In all I think our film has been successful, while creating this we also mastered the editing programmes which we were having problems with before. I am quite excited for creating our final piece now, but this exercise has shown this process will be really time consuming, but worth it in the end!!

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