Friday, 4 February 2011

Who would watch a Thriller?

Young children?
Young adults?
The elderly?

Thrillers fortunately most posses the ability to appeal to both genders, especially as there is a diverse range of thriller sub genres (which I talked about in my second post), these do tend to fit towards certain genders though, however all have more appeal to women than a horror film would, as a thriller does not tend to contain the same blood and guts.
This then leads to the Romantic Comedy Thriller,
which is in few ways a comedy, however starts off as if so, a couple somewhere with desirable lives which then get ruined by a character or group of people
(Such as The Stepfather)...

Only 4% of the year's box office were Thrillers in 2009 and 31 were made, the title of a thriller is very important, due to the audience it will attract, the most popular thriller of 2009 was 'Angles and Demons' with its gender neutral name which appeals to males and females alike it had high potential to gain full support of Thriller lovers everywhere.

We are trying to create a thriller with both male and female support, so a bit of violence, and an interesting plot line is crucial. 

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