Thursday, 31 March 2011

Who would be my ideal audience member?

Above is a film I made explaining a collage of my ideal audience member:

His name is Harry and he is 19, he goes to university and lives in London, he really enjoys a good night out, but he doesn't have that much money to spend as he is a student :(.
He is really on trend and knows about everything thats happening, and is a bit of a film expert so I feel he would really like and notice our use of different shots in the film.
Harry also really enjoys going to the cinema, and as he lives in London he has the opportunity to go to the cinema a lot of the time.
He is also slightly alternative and is in to bands such as the rolling stones and sex pistols, so he's likely to enjoy a Thriller film as its not one of the largest genre of film. 
Hes recently got a girlfriend and would really like to take her out on a date, but he is lacking in funding :(. 
Also this girlfriend is a feminist so she may not like a film where a woman is targeted by a man, however in our film the woman is not shown in a sexual manor and also fights back and beats the killer
Also with Harry's student discount the cinema is quite a cheap night out compared to taking her out to dinner, and a Thriller at the cinema is the perfect place to go to for a date, so I think the film OBSESSED would be perfect for Harry to take his girlfriend out to.. 

Audience feedback part 2, thoughts and feelings.

This wordle doesn't make me so happy, confusing seemed to come up an awful lot :( however words that were also repeated were that it was creepy, shocked them and left them on edge and in suspense, so thats really great, the colour scheme our group chose for this Worlde was the same as in our film to incorperate that theme in to our blogs.

 I am still quite happy with the film and I do understand how it could be a little confusing for people, but the majority of people DID NOT write that it was confusing, this also links back to what many proffesionals said about film making, not to give it all away in the title sequence ect, so mabey a bit of confusion could be good after all?

Luckily for us our film was shown to a group only one or two years younger than our ideal target audience, so this was a really clear indication of what they felt by our film, and the words 'good' and 'enjoyable' which came up were really great to hear, as well as learning that people were 'interested' by our title sequence which is the main goal of it. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

6) Audience feedback and comment

Today we watched everyone's film in class to give them feedback. It was a good opportunity to know what people thought of our title sequence. the picture above shows the audience feedback and as you can see the word close came up the most. This meant that they liked our close up shots the most. Other popular words were effective editing and flashing.

The audience also told us what they felt about our title sequence while watching it. The word confusing was what most of the audience felt which is what we didn't want to really hear. We wanted our film to be clear for the audience to understand but i am happy they found it shocked and creepy because in thriller films this is what the audience are meant to feel.
I am glad our title sequence was a success and i really enjoyed watching the other groups film!! 
These are the comments that a few people said about our thriller opening. I think the comment are ok but some of the comment for me aren't that good for example confusing popped up quite alot which is kinda annoying because if the audience is confused after watching it we didn't really do a good job. Also it weren't supposed to be funny but a few people said it as funny which is disappointing but overall good comment

Audience feedback and comment.

Today we did a group audience exercise and got some feedback on our film finally, it was really great to see so many positive things said about it and lots of thoughts, feelings and emotions inspired by a film that me and my group made :)! after putting so much time and effort in to something it was great that people were watching it. 

Above are some of the reaction words made in to a 'WORDLE' a piece of typography made with all the words that people spoke about liking in the film, the words that came up the most are the biggest, people really seemed to like to close ups, of Reece's face and my feet and eye shots used in the flashing images which were also really liked by everybody! 

It was so great to get so much positive feedback, and to see the other films made by my college mates, it was clear so much effort went in to all of them and everybody seemed pleased with their finished piece.

very good comments yeah boyyy

Question 6) Audience feedback and comment.

 Today in class we watched everyone's thriller openings and gave each other feedback. It was a really good opportunity to acknowledge what we could improve, what we did good and what we did wrong. i don't think anyone did a 'wrong' thing but there are areas where everyone could improve. The pictures above and below are 'word clouds' of the significant words of critiscism's and compliment's which my group recieved


Friday, 25 March 2011

This is a shot claires reaction to me enter the toilet
 This is the shot of me grabbing her


We decided to do filming at the angel lock. We did recording there because it kinda creepy there
  This is the pathway that Claire will walkthrough totally oblivious of my intentions
This is the stairs she will walk down CREEPY!!!!!

Some photos for the group to use :)


We (Thuy and Claire) worked on creating a story board in the lessons before filming, although we printed it out so we could use it when filming we couldn't find the screen grabs of it until now,
We found it really useful in helping us film, and a vital part of planning as it helped us to figure out what kind of shots would work well for our film and if we were missing any particular angles. 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sooo Closeeee..

So tommorow is the deadline..
i have to say my blogging is not up to scratch and i have only myself to blame :(
Howeverr.. tommorow is the big day were we hand in our movies. no going backkk :/
aahhhh hope it turns out good otherwise we will be embarressed infront of everyone next week, although i cant wait to see everyone elses moviess :D

Group 39 we have almost finished, just have bits and pieces to put together... im soo exciteddd :)
Cant wait to see the finished piece, i can count on my group to do the best we cann!!


So Thuy was not in and Reece was on a different planet so it was up to Claire and i.
What we did was make a digital story board and presentation, full of our planning and ideas about our thriller opening. I was extremely nervouse about pitching, i just hate standing and talking in front of a crowd. But regardless of that we pulled it off. Everyone seem to understood and enjoy our pitch..

now im gladd thats over time to move on to out actual thing, EXCITING STUFF :D

Creation of soundtrack

I really cannot say anything about the sound track as our group member Reece was in charge of this section of preparation. But i have faith in Reece as i know he is good at this whole sound business and i know my group will pull it off :)

Animatic Storyboard: PLANNING

An animatic story board helps you decide what type of shot angle you will use when actually filming as it is like a small scale film. From this, you can see from what you first thought was a good angle, or if it wasn't. We used jelly babies for our preliminary piece so it was on a much smaller scale. We learnt a lot of techniques through this, it was hard at first as you cannot direct the jelly babys.. however it was valueble practice. I think it was a laugh, as well as enjoying it we learnt a range of techniques and practisced them through editing, adding sound ect.


Seriouslyy we were beyondd losttt!!!

ok ideas ?

so we thought we would do..

- crazy girl obsessed with guy kinda thing

- a serial killer thing like jack the rippers story

However in the end i think we just combinedd the two.. Our story is now about a guy who is obsessed with a certain type of woman and ends up killing them and they are a victim of rape too. he has wierd sexual desires :/


Creation of titles

Creation of titles

This is a screen grab of us experimenting last minute of what font we should use for our title only one really caught our eyes..

This font will go especially well with our movie, as it has elements of like creepyness to it, i dont know as soon as we saw it we knew it would go perfect with our thriller opening as our film is called 'OBSESSED' which does have a wierd ring to it.

Screen grabs of editing process

Editing Process

Here are some photo's of Thuy and Reece editing and cutting the final pieces of our movie together, we did the best we could while Claire had tonsilitus :)
This blog thing is stressing me out, grrrrrrr.
I just want to get everything over and done with. Woooh tomorrow is the last day to finish all the editing and i know my group will get everything done seeing as we got media first thing in the morning. I dunno what else to blog about i neeeed more pictures to uploaddddddd. booo.



Day one;
So i wasn't in the first day we were filming our thriller opening 'OBSESSED' :(
I actually had one of the main props, so the rest of my group could not film some of the vital parts of our film. But so far most of it was filmed without my aid.

Day two;
So finally, i was back in media with our much needed PROP, and filmed that part of our movie. up to this part we only had a tiny bit left to film YAY :D
but that was the most vitalll!!!
it was really cold outside that day but we did ittt!

Day three;
This was the most trickiest scene as it was the hardest to make realistic. We had all red ink over the tiles, poor claire had tonsilitus but came in for the group; (now thats what you call team spirit.) Anyways as this was meant to be the most 'disturbing' scenes, we really had to put our efforts in and make it look as good as we could.


When designing a title sequence it is very important we pick the right font for the audience and the promotion of the film. Fonts enable us to tell the audience what kind of film it is. Very useful indeed.
There are two types of fonts that you should know :

Serif fonts - Times and Courier
Serif fonts are generally more traditional and often slightly more formal than sans serif fonts which i will be explaing next. 

Sans Serif fonts - Ariel
Sans Serif fonts are generally more informal, more modern and more friendly.

I am going to be analysising two different film covers with different font types. The film PEARL HARBOUR used the font PALATINO to suggest that the film is old fashion, classic or historical. It is very effective as it goes with the theme on the film so the audience can have a sense of the films idenity.
  The other one is a film called ROCKY and it used a font called FRANKLIN GOTHIC HEAVY which shows the audience that film is very strong, masculine and direct. 

Heres a quote from Brody on what makes a good film : 
"Fonts convey an emotion without acutally have to say the words"
This sums up why it is important to pick out the right font ofr a film.

Mise En Scene

Mise en Scene

We didnt really need that many props..
we used quite a few;
diary, heels, blood, newspaper, smart clothing, ripped tights and white top.

The heels were used to implie the femininity of our character, ripped tights to emphasise the attack on the main female character.. Blood was one of the creepy and murderous elements of our Mise en Scene.


So we used the scary lock/ canal thing by college to use as our main setting.. we decided to use this location, as we felt the lock would be ideal to set a thriller and really make it scary and give it that horror movie effect!!
We also used the toilet for our other main scene.. the toilet was spacious and all white which helped our scene to be that bit more disturbing, we dressed the white tiles in red ink to make it look like blood

Structures of Openings

1) A narrative opening with the titles running through:

  1. The Shinning 
  2) A discrete title sequence

  1.  Seven
  2. Arlington Road

3) Titles over a black followed by the narrative
  1. Donnie Darko
  2. Arlington Road

Added 4) Stylized Editing:
  1. Pelham 123

Evaluation of Prelim Film

Evaluation of Prelim

So i wasn't acting in this, GREAT :D
i was filming with Thuy ..
However as Reece was the only one acting, we were short of someone :/ but by luck we found Peter who happily helped. :D

In our Prelim we were mainly focusing on our camera skills, focusing on over the shoulder shots and the180 degree rule.. i think we have achieved this successfully. We used a range of medium shots, long shots and wide shots. we also used shots that made one character dominant than the other. I really learnt what effect each shot really has and the implications of a particular choice.
I mean were no proffesionals so we did good. We made mistakes, but who doesn't and the best bit is that we learnt from them.

From filming the Prelim i got the hang of using a filming camera and tripod :)

Thriller Audiences

Ok so first of all, if your under 15 our thriller would not be suitable for you.
It is quite violent and has wierd sexual references.

Ideally our audience, would obviously be all the thriller lovers out there :)
If your into bloody, gruesome and freaky stuff this is for you..
        Someone  who's into intrigue and mystery with a hnt of a twist. someone who like's to try and work things out for themselves but sometimes never quite gets there. a person who never gives up trying and will always give it a shot on working out what in happening, yet still loves the element of surprise........

In general ..

It really depends on the sub genre of the thriller film. Like all genres, there are sub-genres and to really give an accurate answer to your question you would have to specify what kind of thriller film.

Silence of the Lambs and No Country for Old Men are considered the two best thrillers in recent memory... and they're rated R. Their target audience was probably for the young male adults.

Meanwhile, younger and more female based ones there are those thrillers that are borderline horror films, such as The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village. Since they're close to horror (and horror films target teenage girls).

And then there are legal thrillers (Fracture, Runaway Jury) and crime thrillers (Memento, Se7en) that target a more mature audience... and classic thrillers (any Alfred Hitchcock film) that are rated PG, but are intended for adults.


Worried I have not done enough blogs,

But I have included everything I feel is important planning work, I guess tomorrow when I have finished the film I will watch it over and write about things I wish we had done differently, starting filming sooner and more enthusiasm from my group would be a start, but on the whole I think it went well, I feel like I have really laboured over this, I came in to college twice to do media studies when I had tonsillitis so as to not let the group or film down, I am so glad I did otherwise we would really be rushing now and have a low quality film..

Something i made for our film .. Main Prop; Diary.

Soooo i was in charge of the props.
I had to make a bloody diary, and with the help of claire i achieved it :D

Heres what it looks like

Sooo we made the bloody fingerprints using red ink or food colour or bothh :)
We crinkled up most of the pages to make it look used and abused, which implies this 'guy' is clearly not normal.. and obviously to add the 'scary' and 'freaky' effect to our movie/
I literally googled random pictures and stuck them in, as the victioms of our pyscho killer.

Livetype and Sound

Livetype and Sound

So we were taught how to use this progam, however as usual i never know how to use these things :/ til i get the hang of it of course (:

We learnt how to use the main system, which i did find difficult.Firstly we learnt how to use the main functions and purposes that will vital in our final thriller opening movie.

Livetype was were we experimented all the different fonts and glows and transitions. We really were interested in the ones we may potentially use. Such as Fade in and the more subtle transitions.
  I wasnt in charge of the sound so i didnt really have much practice in how to assign the right sounds with the right clips. Reece Durham another group member had the role of taking care of the sound, which he successfully achieved. We all stood by him and gave our input.
So all in all it was a team effort. team 39 :)

Sound track pro . .


Ok so the stress is on, like I can feel the blood pressure rising every moment I think about tomorrow, luckily we simply have to put in the credits we have made, and lengthen the music track, then we will be actually finished, 
There has been some debate over where the title should go, I think at the end of the title sequence, or after the creepy man character circles the photograph he took of his next victim, just to get the message of the obsession over to our audience. 

I am actually SO excited to get this film finished, I feel like I have been nursing it, working for it for so long, I just want it to be finished and WONDERFUL...
My excitement for going home tomorrow and knowing I really put my everything in to this project is building.
I am generally quite excited to get my life back...

I believe this picture is an adequate indication of how happy I will be tomorrow, for regaining a social life, and finishing a really great achievement.

Home-made prop.

Here is one of the main props we used in the film, this is the prop that really lets the audience know that the man sat on the bench is really Obsessed... 

Dipeka got the book and I made and splashed the fake blood, I think it looks quite good, we also got Reece to circle and cross out the characters, so that as he circled mine (bottom right hand corner) it would be consistent to the other circles. 

Mise en scene

We didnt use much props in our film the only things we used were a newspaper, note book. heels, pen, red and black colouring for the blood and a white top and ripped tights.
The newspaper was for Reece to read to make him look like a normal person sitting at a bench while we filmed him and the notebook was full off images of girls whcih he had to use a pen to circle them. Claire had to wear heels to make it more effective when she is walking down the steps. She wore a white top which she didnt need so we can put the colouring on it to make it look like blood stains. We made the blood by mixing the black and red coulring together and to make the scene more scary and realistic we rubbed some on the walls. The ripped tights made it look more real when Reece was attacking Claire.

We filmed at the Regent Canel which was just down the road from our college so it wasnt a trek. This location was perfect for our film as the surrounding was quiet and creepy due to the fact no one really comes past this area so it was also easier for us to film. A bonus for us (: Our other location was in the college toilets as it was a suitable place to film an attack. The toilets were quit big so we were able to all fit in the toilets and do many different tyoe of shots.

Last week's progress (late post, ill Claire)

So yeah we got all the filming done a week ago, which was quite close to the deadline but we wanted to be fully prepared, photo story boards, step by step photos of every single shot, realising things don't make sense ect, but painstakingly we are almost at the end... 

Here is a screen shot taken of editing together the clips, as you can see from the small size of the clips there is a segment of the film where it is very face paced and exciting, this was difficult to edit, deciding exactly which bit of every clip to use. Also for some of the shots unintentional group members were in the background, I am really pleased with how the films going though, and this point I was feeling relieved we had got something to the editing suite and that it wasn't looking so bad, even if I do say so myself.. 
Also when I was in this lesson I had a little look at some fonts (only for a couple of mins),

I really liked this style (click on the photo to enlarge it) which shows a lovely shadow effect with minimalistic qualities, not too try hard but with an eerie edge to it, this was on Live type. 

Introduction to Camera SKILLS.

First of all i have nooooo idea how to use these things let alone make a thriller opening, i just about know how to record :p
    Well i was a camera man and i tried my best!

So when group 39 was introduced to the safety hazards of a Film camera, we were quite baffled :/ i mean ive never had to take care of a camera like that before. Well in this case it was pretty epensive equipment so you can understand the fuss..

Safety features when using the camera are:

- Never film in dangerous locations Eg railways
- Never film in bad weather Eg rain, snow, hail ect
- Never film while commiting a crime Eg Vandalism
- Never leave the camera unattended

To make life easier whilst filming we were also given tripods to help us film better. (which were quite heavy) but we mistakely left it in the background of our prelim :p

note to self; never leave the tripod in the backgound

Filming + editing

Oh my god, filming and editing is so hard, I felt really bossy directing some people around but I really want our film to be good,
Luckily we just have a couple of finishing touches to do tomorrow... Editing has been hard, especially with tonsillitis which I had from early march until now, so during all the violent scenes I was acting in, I look incredibly panicked, sweaty and gross because well, I was..  But the filming did go well and we covered every angle I could think of so I am very pleased :)!

Analysis of a title sequence that inspires me.

Inspiring title sequece..

The title sequence that inspires me is 'the discrete' title sequence.. SE7EN.
     Discrete title sequences are separately edited sequences that stand apart from the film opening. They are stylised and heavily edited, and they support nearly all of the opening credits and film title.

I particularly enjoyed this title sequence as its discrete but not subtle and for some reason.. it just gives me chills just watching this clip. i mean the font is absolutely creepy but you gotta love it as it gives it that edge. I especially love how the titles and credits are hidden and faded inbetween the creepy little scenes.


Our group split up so we can get the editing done faster so therefore Depika and me were doing the titles, Claire was using final cut pro and Reece was doing the sound for our group using soundtrack.
Livetype is quite easy to use so we were trying out different fonts for our titles but it was hard to find the

 right one which will suit our film. Our film is called Obsessed so we wanted to look for a font which look creepy or freaky. In the end we picked the font named Birth Of A Hero. We chose a maroon colour because we thought it would look more effective placed on a black background.
After we got that sorted out we then went on to look at different transistion for the titles of how it would come on. There wasnt any which caught our eyes but we had to pick one so we chose Strange Appearance


We used final cut pro to edit our film which wasnt that hard when you get the hang off it. We had to mix up all our violent scenes together to make it look choppy and fast. Our lighting wasnt that good cos some scenes were brighter than the others. Other than that we have put each scene together in the right order but we just need to add in the titles and sounds. Heres a picture of us on final cut pro editing :

Afterwards we went on livetype to see different fonts for our titles.

Detailed Thriller Clip Analysis.

Obsessed Analysis

First of all, i have chosen to analyse a thriller clip that had no been watched in class as i was off for a week due to illness :(
Instead i am analysing one of my favourites :)

is a psychological thriller, there's nothing not to like about this movie.. with its bits of action packed and a list celeb BEYONCE
The plot is quite predictable, the title kinda gives it away :p
so it is based on a woman obsessed with another womans husband!

Heres the link a clip of her getting beaten up (for pure entertainment) ..

Go Beyonce!
This clip opens with a mid shot of the main characte then slowly pans closer to her changing the shot to a close. The camera then focuses on the second character, opening with a cutaway shot showing nothing but her hands and the glass of wine.. We then have more midshots of the main character Beyonce and also some longshots whilst still only seeing shots of the second characters hands.. The audience is kept in the dark of whom this mysterious person is creating suspense!! However when the two characters meet, there are over the shoulder shots.. which then changes to fast mid shots of there fight!

The sound is actually quite creepy. Very sinister and eerie whilst the two characters havent met however when they are confronted by eachother the music picks up a faster pace to flow with the camera shots and what is taking place.. this is my favourite part of the film :D

The editing starts of quite smooth and slow, to set the mystery of the scene however when we are no longer in suspence the whole thing just moves quite fast.

filming day 2

We had to film the bit when Claire get killed in the toilets. In order to make it look a bit more nature we smeared the toilet with red ink (for blood) and i had it on my hands and Claire had it on her clothes. This day was a bit more stressful because i had to physically man handle Claire and i didn't like doing that but we got the job done and it looks very good.

filming day 1

On the first day of filming we went down to the lock to record the bit when Claire walks down the stairs and walks towards the guy that wants to kill her. It only took us like 1 hour to do that, so day one of filming was good.

Thriller audience

Our thriller audience is kind of mainly directed towards over 18 year old because it contains alot of disturbing murders. But im sure that people under these ages would watch it. I think that it is key that females watch it more than males because in our society today what happens in this film goes on in real life. Theres alot of messed up people out there.  

Creating sounds

Yesterday i was working on the sounds that we would be using in our thriller opening. We all agreed that it should be a dark tainted sound it should sound quite disturbing (for the part when the Innocent girl is getting abused in the toilet). I created a sound to go with it but I'm not sure if were going to use it because it is quite slow we would prefer for it to be a bit more pacey. I would try upload the sound later.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Okayyyy so my group did editing for an hour and a half because there was a change in plan with filiming at Claire's house. After editing we went down to the location to film one off the scene and luckily it was not freezing like last time! It was only one scene but we took about 2 hours to get it perfect we filmed it like over 100 times okiee i am just over exaggerating  now. Basically it was the ending scene off so it was worth it spending ages on it. Now all we got left is film the raping scene in the bath room which will be fun i hope ! i dont have any pictures to post up booohooooo :'(

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


 To produce this Prelim Film, we had to take shots such as over the shoulder shots and two shots to establish the conversation that was occurring with the two characters. 
We used Final cut pro to edit the Prelim Film and by adding transitions such as fading into blackness during shots which helped piece together the shots better.

We also used soundtrack pro which was difficult as adding the correct sound effects to the correct shots and to what was going on in each shot proved to not be as easy as it sounds. In the end we added music in the beginning and the end along with the sound of a punch to add to the emphasis of suspense and strength of the punch.

Medium close up
Establishing shot

  The film started of with a medium shot of Peter working on the computer, this was to establish the idea that Peter was not aware of anything a part from the computer, which expresses the vulnerability that Peter was in.

The establishing shot was then used to identify to the audience the emptiness of the classroom adding to the suspense.

During the title sequence we used a piano sound effect which was used to help emphasise the fact that Peter did not know what was going to happen.

During this scene, we panned the camera from the bottom of the character before finally reaching the top which added to the idea of suspense and mystery as the audience will wait to see who this person is and what their intentions are.

Also in this scene we used a more slow and low sounded music as the character enters the scene and approaches the first character, again the audience will realise that this character is going to be the fearful character.

Two - shot

 During the two shot, the first character is again being portrayed as being vulnerable with his back being turned away from the second character.

Also, the second character is shot higher than the first character showing the dominance he has at the moment.

Here we are leading to a over the shoulder shot, as mentioned
I am positioned lower than the second character to emphasis
how powerless I am during this scene.

Over shoulder shot
Over shoulder shot

Two shot
Here the character on the left get punched, to add to the realism we added the sound of a punch at the same time as the punch is thrown.

The camera then zooms into the body then slowly zooms out which with the slow violin sounds, this added to the idea of a suspenseful thriller.

The character is now shot isolated as he escapes from the scene, the audience would now want to know what happens to him after he escapes.

What should be proven?

Even though the group got most the shots, what could be improved are the shots taken. We could of taken more close ups which will express the facial expressions such as when the character lays on the floor, his expression could of been shot so the audience know how he has reacted to it.

Also, in the last scene when it closes up to the runaways face, we are able to spot the 'knocked out' person sitting back up on the computer, even though this is a practise film, it is a flaw which should be addressed and that no one should continue what they are doing until the film is completely shot.