Thursday, 31 March 2011

Audience feedback part 2, thoughts and feelings.

This wordle doesn't make me so happy, confusing seemed to come up an awful lot :( however words that were also repeated were that it was creepy, shocked them and left them on edge and in suspense, so thats really great, the colour scheme our group chose for this Worlde was the same as in our film to incorperate that theme in to our blogs.

 I am still quite happy with the film and I do understand how it could be a little confusing for people, but the majority of people DID NOT write that it was confusing, this also links back to what many proffesionals said about film making, not to give it all away in the title sequence ect, so mabey a bit of confusion could be good after all?

Luckily for us our film was shown to a group only one or two years younger than our ideal target audience, so this was a really clear indication of what they felt by our film, and the words 'good' and 'enjoyable' which came up were really great to hear, as well as learning that people were 'interested' by our title sequence which is the main goal of it. 

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