Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Audience feedback and comment.

Today we did a group audience exercise and got some feedback on our film finally, it was really great to see so many positive things said about it and lots of thoughts, feelings and emotions inspired by a film that me and my group made :)! after putting so much time and effort in to something it was great that people were watching it. 

Above are some of the reaction words made in to a 'WORDLE' a piece of typography made with all the words that people spoke about liking in the film, the words that came up the most are the biggest, people really seemed to like to close ups, of Reece's face and my feet and eye shots used in the flashing images which were also really liked by everybody! 

It was so great to get so much positive feedback, and to see the other films made by my college mates, it was clear so much effort went in to all of them and everybody seemed pleased with their finished piece.

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