Tuesday, 1 March 2011

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So we made a really rough animatic for our presentation, which seemed to go quite well, 
We decided on the name:
Kinda creepy already eh? But doesn't give much away so I think it is intriguing enough to gather quite an audience...
We realised our audience should be about 18+ as our title sequence contains some scary stuff, flashing images and implied rape. 

Although I won't be doing much camera work in the film I am excited for the editing process, which is what I think will really bring our film together, 
A kind of merge between a strobe light and the multiple jerky shots used for the title sequence for Se7en,

(I know, talking about it again :')) I actually bought the film yesterday, if that wasn't an effective (in getting consumer interest) title sequence then I really do not know what is,
I would really like to see how the title sequence relates to the rest of the film, which could help us in deciding what shots exactly to put in our violent scenes.

Have also been thinking about music, sounds such as slowed down scratchy records that are all mashed up together seem really appealing for our choppy violent scenes, the music will be designed to play with the heart rate of the viewer and I am really excited to try and find a mix that gives the fever like sensation I really want to create with whoever watches the title sequence. 

Just gotta finish our story board, we took the photos of the exact shots at our location (Regent's canal) and me and the group started working on putting them together

Me walking away (end of film)

Here are some of the shots we have used for the story board, they are almost identical to those which we will use in the film depending on if our ideas will develop during our filming. 

Really hope we finish the story board soon, Some members are finding photoshop a bit hard so I am trying to think of another way we could do it, such as word, but I don't think that will look so good :/ 

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