Thursday, 24 March 2011

Detailed Thriller Clip Analysis.

Obsessed Analysis

First of all, i have chosen to analyse a thriller clip that had no been watched in class as i was off for a week due to illness :(
Instead i am analysing one of my favourites :)

is a psychological thriller, there's nothing not to like about this movie.. with its bits of action packed and a list celeb BEYONCE
The plot is quite predictable, the title kinda gives it away :p
so it is based on a woman obsessed with another womans husband!

Heres the link a clip of her getting beaten up (for pure entertainment) ..

Go Beyonce!
This clip opens with a mid shot of the main characte then slowly pans closer to her changing the shot to a close. The camera then focuses on the second character, opening with a cutaway shot showing nothing but her hands and the glass of wine.. We then have more midshots of the main character Beyonce and also some longshots whilst still only seeing shots of the second characters hands.. The audience is kept in the dark of whom this mysterious person is creating suspense!! However when the two characters meet, there are over the shoulder shots.. which then changes to fast mid shots of there fight!

The sound is actually quite creepy. Very sinister and eerie whilst the two characters havent met however when they are confronted by eachother the music picks up a faster pace to flow with the camera shots and what is taking place.. this is my favourite part of the film :D

The editing starts of quite smooth and slow, to set the mystery of the scene however when we are no longer in suspence the whole thing just moves quite fast.

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