Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evaluation of Prelim Film

Evaluation of Prelim

So i wasn't acting in this, GREAT :D
i was filming with Thuy ..
However as Reece was the only one acting, we were short of someone :/ but by luck we found Peter who happily helped. :D

In our Prelim we were mainly focusing on our camera skills, focusing on over the shoulder shots and the180 degree rule.. i think we have achieved this successfully. We used a range of medium shots, long shots and wide shots. we also used shots that made one character dominant than the other. I really learnt what effect each shot really has and the implications of a particular choice.
I mean were no proffesionals so we did good. We made mistakes, but who doesn't and the best bit is that we learnt from them.

From filming the Prelim i got the hang of using a filming camera and tripod :)

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