Thursday, 24 March 2011



Day one;
So i wasn't in the first day we were filming our thriller opening 'OBSESSED' :(
I actually had one of the main props, so the rest of my group could not film some of the vital parts of our film. But so far most of it was filmed without my aid.

Day two;
So finally, i was back in media with our much needed PROP, and filmed that part of our movie. up to this part we only had a tiny bit left to film YAY :D
but that was the most vitalll!!!
it was really cold outside that day but we did ittt!

Day three;
This was the most trickiest scene as it was the hardest to make realistic. We had all red ink over the tiles, poor claire had tonsilitus but came in for the group; (now thats what you call team spirit.) Anyways as this was meant to be the most 'disturbing' scenes, we really had to put our efforts in and make it look as good as we could.

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