Thursday, 24 March 2011


When designing a title sequence it is very important we pick the right font for the audience and the promotion of the film. Fonts enable us to tell the audience what kind of film it is. Very useful indeed.
There are two types of fonts that you should know :

Serif fonts - Times and Courier
Serif fonts are generally more traditional and often slightly more formal than sans serif fonts which i will be explaing next. 

Sans Serif fonts - Ariel
Sans Serif fonts are generally more informal, more modern and more friendly.

I am going to be analysising two different film covers with different font types. The film PEARL HARBOUR used the font PALATINO to suggest that the film is old fashion, classic or historical. It is very effective as it goes with the theme on the film so the audience can have a sense of the films idenity.
  The other one is a film called ROCKY and it used a font called FRANKLIN GOTHIC HEAVY which shows the audience that film is very strong, masculine and direct. 

Heres a quote from Brody on what makes a good film : 
"Fonts convey an emotion without acutally have to say the words"
This sums up why it is important to pick out the right font ofr a film.

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