Thursday, 31 March 2011

Who would be my ideal audience member?

Above is a film I made explaining a collage of my ideal audience member:

His name is Harry and he is 19, he goes to university and lives in London, he really enjoys a good night out, but he doesn't have that much money to spend as he is a student :(.
He is really on trend and knows about everything thats happening, and is a bit of a film expert so I feel he would really like and notice our use of different shots in the film.
Harry also really enjoys going to the cinema, and as he lives in London he has the opportunity to go to the cinema a lot of the time.
He is also slightly alternative and is in to bands such as the rolling stones and sex pistols, so he's likely to enjoy a Thriller film as its not one of the largest genre of film. 
Hes recently got a girlfriend and would really like to take her out on a date, but he is lacking in funding :(. 
Also this girlfriend is a feminist so she may not like a film where a woman is targeted by a man, however in our film the woman is not shown in a sexual manor and also fights back and beats the killer
Also with Harry's student discount the cinema is quite a cheap night out compared to taking her out to dinner, and a Thriller at the cinema is the perfect place to go to for a date, so I think the film OBSESSED would be perfect for Harry to take his girlfriend out to.. 

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