Thursday, 24 March 2011

Introduction to Camera SKILLS.

First of all i have nooooo idea how to use these things let alone make a thriller opening, i just about know how to record :p
    Well i was a camera man and i tried my best!

So when group 39 was introduced to the safety hazards of a Film camera, we were quite baffled :/ i mean ive never had to take care of a camera like that before. Well in this case it was pretty epensive equipment so you can understand the fuss..

Safety features when using the camera are:

- Never film in dangerous locations Eg railways
- Never film in bad weather Eg rain, snow, hail ect
- Never film while commiting a crime Eg Vandalism
- Never leave the camera unattended

To make life easier whilst filming we were also given tripods to help us film better. (which were quite heavy) but we mistakely left it in the background of our prelim :p

note to self; never leave the tripod in the backgound

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