Wednesday, 2 March 2011

introduction to sound

To emphasis the idea of suspense or fast pace action, every director would have to play with the idea of sound such as explosions which would add to the dramatic effects of action thrillers, or high pitched violin noises which will help create a suspenseful environment.

Soundtrack Pro

We were taught how to use soundtrack pro which we will use for our film editing.

Here is an example of the sounds we are able to use in soundtrack pro, there are a number of different types of sounds which once clicked on, different ways which the sound is heard will open up for us to pick. 

In my example I have clicked onto the explosions, here you can see there are many different ways the 'explosions' will sound.

The empty Grey box is where videos will be dragged into so we can watch the film play while adding sounds and sound effects to it so we can add sounds at the correct time and moment of a film.

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