Wednesday, 2 March 2011


 To produce this Prelim Film, we had to take shots such as over the shoulder shots and two shots to establish the conversation that was occurring with the two characters. 
We used Final cut pro to edit the Prelim Film and by adding transitions such as fading into blackness during shots which helped piece together the shots better.

We also used soundtrack pro which was difficult as adding the correct sound effects to the correct shots and to what was going on in each shot proved to not be as easy as it sounds. In the end we added music in the beginning and the end along with the sound of a punch to add to the emphasis of suspense and strength of the punch.

Medium close up
Establishing shot

  The film started of with a medium shot of Peter working on the computer, this was to establish the idea that Peter was not aware of anything a part from the computer, which expresses the vulnerability that Peter was in.

The establishing shot was then used to identify to the audience the emptiness of the classroom adding to the suspense.

During the title sequence we used a piano sound effect which was used to help emphasise the fact that Peter did not know what was going to happen.

During this scene, we panned the camera from the bottom of the character before finally reaching the top which added to the idea of suspense and mystery as the audience will wait to see who this person is and what their intentions are.

Also in this scene we used a more slow and low sounded music as the character enters the scene and approaches the first character, again the audience will realise that this character is going to be the fearful character.

Two - shot

 During the two shot, the first character is again being portrayed as being vulnerable with his back being turned away from the second character.

Also, the second character is shot higher than the first character showing the dominance he has at the moment.

Here we are leading to a over the shoulder shot, as mentioned
I am positioned lower than the second character to emphasis
how powerless I am during this scene.

Over shoulder shot
Over shoulder shot

Two shot
Here the character on the left get punched, to add to the realism we added the sound of a punch at the same time as the punch is thrown.

The camera then zooms into the body then slowly zooms out which with the slow violin sounds, this added to the idea of a suspenseful thriller.

The character is now shot isolated as he escapes from the scene, the audience would now want to know what happens to him after he escapes.

What should be proven?

Even though the group got most the shots, what could be improved are the shots taken. We could of taken more close ups which will express the facial expressions such as when the character lays on the floor, his expression could of been shot so the audience know how he has reacted to it.

Also, in the last scene when it closes up to the runaways face, we are able to spot the 'knocked out' person sitting back up on the computer, even though this is a practise film, it is a flaw which should be addressed and that no one should continue what they are doing until the film is completely shot. 


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