Thursday, 24 March 2011

Last week's progress (late post, ill Claire)

So yeah we got all the filming done a week ago, which was quite close to the deadline but we wanted to be fully prepared, photo story boards, step by step photos of every single shot, realising things don't make sense ect, but painstakingly we are almost at the end... 

Here is a screen shot taken of editing together the clips, as you can see from the small size of the clips there is a segment of the film where it is very face paced and exciting, this was difficult to edit, deciding exactly which bit of every clip to use. Also for some of the shots unintentional group members were in the background, I am really pleased with how the films going though, and this point I was feeling relieved we had got something to the editing suite and that it wasn't looking so bad, even if I do say so myself.. 
Also when I was in this lesson I had a little look at some fonts (only for a couple of mins),

I really liked this style (click on the photo to enlarge it) which shows a lovely shadow effect with minimalistic qualities, not too try hard but with an eerie edge to it, this was on Live type. 

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