Thursday, 24 March 2011

Livetype and Sound

Livetype and Sound

So we were taught how to use this progam, however as usual i never know how to use these things :/ til i get the hang of it of course (:

We learnt how to use the main system, which i did find difficult.Firstly we learnt how to use the main functions and purposes that will vital in our final thriller opening movie.

Livetype was were we experimented all the different fonts and glows and transitions. We really were interested in the ones we may potentially use. Such as Fade in and the more subtle transitions.
  I wasnt in charge of the sound so i didnt really have much practice in how to assign the right sounds with the right clips. Reece Durham another group member had the role of taking care of the sound, which he successfully achieved. We all stood by him and gave our input.
So all in all it was a team effort. team 39 :)

Sound track pro . .

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