Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mise en scene

We didnt use much props in our film the only things we used were a newspaper, note book. heels, pen, red and black colouring for the blood and a white top and ripped tights.
The newspaper was for Reece to read to make him look like a normal person sitting at a bench while we filmed him and the notebook was full off images of girls whcih he had to use a pen to circle them. Claire had to wear heels to make it more effective when she is walking down the steps. She wore a white top which she didnt need so we can put the colouring on it to make it look like blood stains. We made the blood by mixing the black and red coulring together and to make the scene more scary and realistic we rubbed some on the walls. The ripped tights made it look more real when Reece was attacking Claire.

We filmed at the Regent Canel which was just down the road from our college so it wasnt a trek. This location was perfect for our film as the surrounding was quiet and creepy due to the fact no one really comes past this area so it was also easier for us to film. A bonus for us (: Our other location was in the college toilets as it was a suitable place to film an attack. The toilets were quit big so we were able to all fit in the toilets and do many different tyoe of shots.

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