Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mise En Scene

Mise en Scene

We didnt really need that many props..
we used quite a few;
diary, heels, blood, newspaper, smart clothing, ripped tights and white top.

The heels were used to implie the femininity of our character, ripped tights to emphasise the attack on the main female character.. Blood was one of the creepy and murderous elements of our Mise en Scene.


So we used the scary lock/ canal thing by college to use as our main setting.. we decided to use this location, as we felt the lock would be ideal to set a thriller and really make it scary and give it that horror movie effect!!
We also used the toilet for our other main scene.. the toilet was spacious and all white which helped our scene to be that bit more disturbing, we dressed the white tiles in red ink to make it look like blood

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