Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Recap on Camera skills

1st March: As I didn't go in to it in much detail as I am used to working with all kinda of cameras for my hobbies I thought I would look at a camera a bit tomorrow and post about the different things it can do, how to work it properly and anything interesting I find out about and think I will forget at some point.

2nd March: (After camera examination)
Okay soo, started looking at filming today, pretty sure I totally forgot how to use the camera, and it was difficult to remember all the safety skills we were taught earlier in the year as so much planning has been going on until then. 
On and off is simple enough and I could remember where the cards go in, then you look at the screen, ensuring AF is on and just record, it was pretty simple and easy to get used to filming once we had started. 

5th march:
FIlming so far is going alright, we shot the first and last scenes for our final outcome film yesterday, spending hours trying to capture the best shots, but I feel it was really worth it. Unfortunately we were short of a vital prop as a member of the group was ill so we couldn't film that section. It may be quite good to have the extra time for that though as the acting involved seems to be challenging. I mixed up some fake blood today using red and brown inks, unfortunately it stains skin a bit so, I do look like I have dried blood on me !

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