Thursday, 24 March 2011


Ok so the stress is on, like I can feel the blood pressure rising every moment I think about tomorrow, luckily we simply have to put in the credits we have made, and lengthen the music track, then we will be actually finished, 
There has been some debate over where the title should go, I think at the end of the title sequence, or after the creepy man character circles the photograph he took of his next victim, just to get the message of the obsession over to our audience. 

I am actually SO excited to get this film finished, I feel like I have been nursing it, working for it for so long, I just want it to be finished and WONDERFUL...
My excitement for going home tomorrow and knowing I really put my everything in to this project is building.
I am generally quite excited to get my life back...

I believe this picture is an adequate indication of how happy I will be tomorrow, for regaining a social life, and finishing a really great achievement.

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