Friday, 1 April 2011

1) In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

  Our opening title sequence is a very conventional thriller. This has been mainly inspired by Se7en opening title sequence. We used piercing and scratchy sound effects for our music which is similar to se7en and The shining.  To get that sound we used violins on soundtrack pro.                                                                                                     Our fonts for obsessed we used birth of a hero to make it look creepy so therefore we tried to make the letter look grungy like Se7ven. Also we used flickering and flashing effects to make it stand out but what was different from se7en was they mainly used flickering effects with the words e.g the title se7ven while we used it when Claire was being attack by Reece rather than  using for out titles.

We made some part of our scenes very choppy and fast to make the audience feel more anxious and nervous which is a thriller convention. This was also developed from Se7ven where everything is faced paced.  The lighting is very dim to make it look more effective rather than having bright lighting which will then challenge the convention of a thriller. As you can see from the pictures of se7en it also have very little lighting. Very mysterious.

 When our title sequence first opens you can only see heels walking down a step of stairs to connote how mysterious it is so it gets the audience thinking of who is this person. Just like in se7en when i was watching their opening title sequence i felt lost and confused i didn't know what was going on so this is how we wanted our film to be like in the beginning. in se7ven you can only see a book being flicked    through anonymously. 
 We tried to make some off our scene creepy and disturbing just like the scene n se7en where the person is scraping off their skin with a metal thingy shown in the picture at the side. we tried to develop this in our opening by making Reece have a disturbing smile which will freak out the audience and make him seem like a creep. it also gives off that stalkerish ( i know that not a word but i couldn't think off anything else to describe it) atmosphere for the audience. 

 As you can see these two shots are very similar with the close up shot and lighting. You can only see the persons hand circling the picture. I didn't realize how these two shots were the same until i watched the se7en opening again.  woiiii.

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