Friday, 8 April 2011

7) What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

We used the internet to blog about our media product e.g planning, evaluation, and posting pictures. it was very useful because it was like a online diary but it wasn't peronal it just helped us plan our opening thriller. We were able to put pictures and film clips up of our film.

To record our opening thriller we used a profession JVC camcorder.  The camera was easy to use there was nothing difficult bout it other than putting it on the tripod. IT WAS SO ANNOYING. The quality of the camera was very good and was easy to film different shots.  we used a tripod to make each scene steady and not shaky. It was useful as we were able to change the height of it and we were able to move it about e.g panning up to Reece face. we used a memory card to save our filming on to so then we can put it into a usb stick and upload it onto the computer then saved in to our hard drive.

To edit our film we used final cut pro which was very handy when editing our film. We were able to remove sound from our film, shorten the length of a scene, add effects etc. without this program we wouldn't of been able to do the scene where Reece is attacking Claire because we needed this scene to be really fast and choppy. here is a tutorial of a video on youtube of how to use final cut pro. I learned   many skills from using final cut pro. i learned how to export and import our film into each program which was very difficult as first but i got use to it.


To put music on our opening sequence we used soundtrack pro where we was able to make our own music as we were not allowed to use the music of our choice as they were copyright. it was quite easy to use when you get the hang of it but i was mostly confused of what to do.  there was a variety of instruments we could pick from to make our sounds such as violin, piano etc.

For our titles we used live type. I was mostly doing the titles for our opening sequence and i found this program the easiest to use. there were many fonts to choose from. I was able to change the effects of it such as text size and style. 

With out technology we would not been able to make our opening sequence. It would of been an unsuccessful film with out technology as we were able to edit and sounds and effect.

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