Friday, 8 April 2011

8) Looking back at your prelim film, what do you feel you have learnt in the proggresion from it to the full product

From our prelim film we have learnt alot it was good preparation for our final film. Our film knockout had a few mistakes and missed some vital close which could have made it alot better.
Here we should have did a close up because you cant really see my facial expression. We learnt this and showed it by doing close ups on my face in our final film
This is the close up in our final film. we did this so you can see my facial expression so you know what kind of mood im in.
We have learnt that when you cut and continue everyone should get in the same position that they were in before the cut or it would look a bit silly. In our film knockout we didnt do this.
Before cut                                                                after cut
We also learned that different shots can set different mood for a character for example long shot on a person could show hat the person is lonely isolated from everyone and can also shows mentalness. Close ups can show how the person is feeling our longshot.
This show he is lonely and looks quite normal from that distance but as you get closer you see what he is really doing
This is the close up of the book that he is holding within the newspaper. This shows he is up to no good

Overall our film came out quite good all the camera angles worked together to show what is going on so the audience shouldnt be confused by what is going on. This has been a great experience shared with a great group YEAH 

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