Friday, 1 April 2011

Distributing my media product...

Uploading my video to my personal blog, which my friends and strangers follow. 
Uploaded to Vimeo. A film sharing website.
Our Media product is created by a group of teenagers so I feel that social networking sites used primarily by people of our target audience's age are the perfect place for our film to be distributed, I put a link for my film on my person Tumblr blog for people to watch, while allowing people to comment and respond to my video. 

Through websites like Tumblr, Myspace and Youtube many people are now reaching fame through, creating videos and uploading them to these websites where millions of people can access and view these videos, creating tags on the video allows people to search for things and find your video without you having to send it to them. 

Here is a video also made for a college project which was uploaded to Youtube, it is not of the same style or theme as mine but I thought it was a good example of a student video which has gained many views and comments from people all over the world. 

As a low budget independent film ours would be perfect for this kind of release to gain establishment amongst our target audience, then it would be possible for us to branch further. 

with a DVD release of 200 copies we would give these out to raise awareness of our film a few days before our online release, this would raise publicity, places we could distribute this could be clubs and bars or even student nights. 

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