Friday, 1 April 2011

Using? Challenging? Or Developing Conventional film types?

I think mostly my media product uses the conventional features of thrillers, but in some places challenges them, 

Firstly the music, we chose a really eerie violin sound with screeching over it, 
This really reminded me of the music in the shining, 

The Shining. 


As in the film Se7en, we used, a discrete title sequence..
Font (small areas in lettering missing)

Also we used inspiration from the font used being quite choppy and almost hand written. 
Font, (small areas in the lettering missing)

We also mimicked the flickery effects used in 
the film Se7en.

Flickery effects.

Flickery effects.

 Use of man victimising a woman in the shining, and she is scared in the bathroom..
The Shining

The shining.

As in our thriller where a woman is victimised by a man in a bathroom, very conventional.

FIlm, Halloween, where woman overcomes the man
In obsessed the woman fights back.

In the film Halloween, a woman is tormented by a man in a mask but eventually overcomes him.
Just like in obsessed, the man imagines overcoming her however she actually fights him off and becomes his last victim. 

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