Friday, 1 April 2011

How are social groups represented in our Thriller?

We both beat, and build on social groups in our Thriller,

By using a black young male as the killer, we are building on the social stereotype that young black males are violent, however throughout the film it would be clear he was mentally unstable, we give hints to this by him being out with a bright red umbrella on a sunny day. 
Also by having a man as the killer we build on the social stereotype further. 

We find the ethnicity we chose to break the social stereotype, due to racism being a problem not many serial killers are depicted as black in thriller films, such as in Se7en, they also seem to be far older than our killer. I feel that using a different ethnicity to usual will make the film more interesting and seem more natural and life like to those watching it as the majority of serial killers appear to be white older men. Its also aimed towards a fairly young audience of 18- 29 year olds who will not find it racially prejudiced. 
The killer in Se7en is also male.

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