Friday, 1 April 2011

Question 1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The thriller title sequence which inspired  Group 39 was from 'SE7EN.  The aspects which we did take from this movie was how there was a black black screen with a title followed by a shot of the actual scene. We applied this to our thriller opening as felt the sense of discretion really added intrigue and 'edge' to our movie.

So here are the first few shots from 'SE7EN' which inspired us to make our title sequence the way we did

                                And here are a few shots of the title sequence from group 39s movie which was inspired by 'SE7EN'.

Also we made our fonts quite similar to se7en too. Originally we were going to just pick our own font. However we decided to use 'birth of a hero' to make it look grungy like se7en as we thought it was really effective, i don't think we could have chosen a better font. The reason being is that in both movies there is that wierd and creepy feel to it so the font really reflects that.

  These three screen grabs are of a mysterious person cutting pictures and making a diary or book of some sort. From what i can see this is a very disturbing prop. This corresponds to one our props as we have used a diary which has pictures cut out and stuck in of our murderers victims.  I think using this specific props adds that psychological aspect to it.i mean someone in their right mind would not even think of doing that :/ CREEEPPPYY!

Here is a shot of our diary..

From what i can see is that the setting of se7en's opening is inside a house or building not really sure :/ However our thriller opening is set outside and in our murderers mindd!! :/ 

  this from se7en shot reveals to the audience that it may be set inside.

However the shot below, from our thriller opening is mainly set outside by a canal.

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