Sunday, 3 April 2011

What have you learnt about technologies rom the process of constructing this product?

When planning our film we used this blogging programme, it was really interactive allowing us to upload our films, pictures and edit it whenever we needed to. 

When recording our film we used the best technology available to us,  
Here is the JVC camera that we used for recording our  film, it was really good to use the  camera which recorded to such a high quality yet was fairly easy for us to master the use of it. The camera was digital helping with the editing process and allowing us to take multiple shots of whatever we liked and easily compare them without having to even leave the set.

Tripod to ensure a steady shot and professional feel was given to our film, we found this really useful for the scene where the camera pans up towards the killers face, it allowed us to get a nice slow steady shot of this and was useful. 

Here is a demo of me creating the fonts on Live type, there is loads of stuff you can edit about the fonts on this which I show in the film, such as colour, shading and various animatic effects. 

Here I have recreated my work in creating the soundtrack, as you can see on Soundtrack Pro there were loads of effects to chose from and it really bought our film to life. Including the instruments used to create a really spooky feel from the very start of the film.

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