Friday, 8 April 2011

What do you feel you have learnt in the progression from the preliminary task?

Since the Preliminary task our group really stepped up our game in making an effort to make the film as professional a quality as possible, we wanted to create a fully watchable piece of film that was not only interesting but didn't include any of the mistakes we had in the prelim. We worked really well on this and none of them featured, such as...

In our Prelim, the pan up of Reece's body was done by hand so appears shaky and looked really unprofessional.

In our final project Obsessed the camera was on a tripod and when we  panned up it looked smooth and professional.

In our prelim film the lighting was not very good so the shots appeared dark and didn't have a good quality to them.

In our final film however we assured the lighting was of a good quality throughout to keep the film sharp and avoid a grainy picture quality.
In our prelim the tripod was left in the background.

In our prelim other mistakes were made such as actor's being in places they shouldn't be..

Thankfully in the real thing we kept anything that was not supposed to be in our misce en scene out of the way throughout and were careful to keep our shots light and clear for the audience. Our variety of camera angels also increased drastically through time and we included a real contrast of shots in our final edit of our thriller Obsessed.

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